Sirius Reasons for Summer Dog Boots and Paw Protection

Sirius Reasons for Summer Dog Boots and Paw Protection

The hot summer months can bring summer hazards for dog paws. Known as the Dog Days of Summer based on the Sirius Dog Star constellation. This is a Sirius time for dog boots and paw protection. Blistering summer heat literally blisters dog paws in a matter of seconds. Ouch!

Below is a list of the main summer hazards for dog paws:

Hot Paw Index

Heat is the greatest and often overlooked summer hazard for dog paws. Below is the Hot Paw Index that identifies the effects of blistering paws from hot sand or pavement based on ambient air temperature.

Hidden Hazards
Broken glass or zebra mussels lie hidden from view in the sand or beneath the water. Injuries may occur quickly without warning. 

An Ounce of Prevention
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prevention in this case is Dog Boots. Dog boots, originally developed to protect paws from snow, salt and cold also have a Sirius role to play in summer paw protection. 

Newer high tech boots feature barefoot comfort and breathable fabrics for summer comfort. Rugged rubber soles go the distance for those long hikes on rough terrain or long term use on concrete. Additionally paw balms can keep paws moisturized and soothe injured paws.  

For more information on the origins of the Dog Days of Summer see our previous blog.

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