Service Dog Rescues 7 Abandoned Kittens

Service Dog Rescues 7 Abandoned Kittens
Dogs are indisputably amazing animals. They’re smart, kind, loyal and compassionate. They are well known for their heroic feats in rescuing others from danger or harm.

Banner the Super Dog
Banner the Super Dog is a service dog who provides medical/sight guidance, psychiatric alerts to PTSD, anxiety attacks, migraines, removes from triggering situations or disassociating episodes. Banner also provides momentum for her person’s metal leg and prevents self harm attempts. Banner’s person, Whitney Bradley spends her time educating others about service dogs and invisible disabilities.

Hidden in the Woods
One morning when Banner was outside playing with the kids she kept disappearing behind the house towards the woods. This was unusual as the woods are past the property line and outside Banner’s boundary area. Banner was running back and forth nudging Whitney and pulling on her dress until Whitney finally realized that Banner wanted her to follow in that direction.

Banner led Whitney down a path to a closed box in the woods. Banner then pushed her face into the box and pulled out adorable white kittens who where only a few days, and still had their umbilical cords. There where 7 kittens altogether.

Whitney brought the kittens home and Banner stayed glued to their side as they were fed and tucked into a comfy bed inside a laundry basket lined with a heating pad.

Banner continues to be a surrogate mother to many more kittens Whitney has subsequently rescued and placed in “forever” homes

Keep up the great work Banner!

To find out more about Banner, please follow her on Facebook & Instagram at @bannerthesuperdog.

The Muttluks Woof Wish Program offers a discount on products for service, working and disabled dogs. Please contact Muttluks directly at 1-888-muttluk (688-8585) or email us at if you or someone you know need assistance through the Woof Wish Program.

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  • Hope Ryckman

    what a sweet dog! it took banner, to show up the cruel humans who threw away these poor kittens! i believe animals show us our humanity if some of us pay attention! if only more of us were as generous as them!

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