Raise the Woof! - A Christmas Song for Dogs

Raise the Woof! - A Christmas Song for Dogs
Hearing Superpowers

Ever been in awe of your dog’s hearing superpowers? Aside from being annoying when it sets them off barking at seemingly nothing, it’s doggone impressive. If dogs have such incredible hearing capacity why not write a song tailored just for them? Well, it’s finally been done by tails.com, who released the first-ever dog Christmas song, Raise the Woof! in November 2020. 

Canine Christmas

Dogs are a big part of family holidays and holiday gift giving. It’s time they had a Christmas carol of their very own. The inspiration for Muttluks dog boots started with a gift of dog boots that was meant to be nothing more than humorous, and look what happened! 

Check out Muttluks Holiday Gift Guide for Mutts on your shopping list. 

The Doggone Science of Sounds

Dogs hear almost twice as many frequencies as humans and from four times further away. The real question is do dogs understand what we say to them? It turns out they do, according to two studies, one published in the journal Current Biology and the other in Science! That’s good news to all those millions of people who “talk” to their dogs on a regular basis.

Tails.com used information from a focus group of 25 dogs and the science behind dog hearing to create their K9 musical Christmas cheer. The song includes over 500 pooch-friendly sounds and basic commands such as “sit” and “walkies”.

Interestingly the tail-wagging song was recorded at Abbey Road, the London studio made famous by The Beatles.

Sound Advice

Dogs may not understand every word you say, but they focus on both the content of conversation and the underlying emotional tone. Their brains hear and interpret sound the same way human brains do, responding not only to the words, but also to the emotional tone of our voices.

The dogs in the study demonstrated that they listen the same way as humans — an ability that was once believed to be unique to humans. When unfamiliar language is presented to them, their focus shifts from linguistic content to emotional content.


The Sound of One Paw Clapping

Can dogs hear the Sound of One Paw Clapping? Or, if your dog barks when you’re not home, did he make a sound? Humans have philosophized over these age old questions for thousands of years and we still don’t have an answer. Maybe we’re barking up the wrong tree, maybe dogs have the answer.


Human’s Best Friend

The bottom line - dogs are good listeners. No wonder they’re human’s best friend!


Happy Holidays!

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